Project Description

Fritz is a miniature Dachshund who presented to Southpaws with pain around his back legs when patted and he just wasn’t his usual spritely self. Intervertebral disc disease was suspected and confirmed via a CT scan. IVDD is common amongst canine breeds with elongated spines and short legs such as Dachshunds, Bulldogs, Basset Hounds. Corgis and Beagles but it can also occur with larger breeds such as German Shepherds, Retrievers and Dobermans. IVDD is often genetic but other factors such as obesity and trauma can contribute. Surgery decompresses the spinal cord by managing any herniation or protrusion of disc material. In Fritz’s case Southpaws surgeons identified a large mineralised disc extrusion at L1-L2. Surgery was performed via a right sided hemilaminectomy to relieve pressure on the spinal column. Southpaws specialist surgeons have performed many thousands of neurosurgery operations including decompression, resection, distraction and stabilisation of the spine.