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Australias Best Specialist Veterinary Referral Hospital, Moorabbin, Victoria Best Specialist Veterinary Referral Hospital, Moorabbin and Camberwell, Victoria Best Veterinary Internal Medicine for Dogs and Cats, Moorabbin, Victoria Victorias Best Specialist Veterinary Cancer Care, Chemotherapy and Oncology Australias Most Advanced Veterinary Medical Imaging, Victoria Specialist Veterinary Neurosurgery for Dogs and Cats by Southpaws, Moorabbin, Victoria Best Specialist Cat Veterinary Hospital and Surgeons, Moorabbin, Victoria

Welcome to Australia’s premier surgery and cancer facility, Southpaws Specialty Surgery for Animals

We deliver the best in veterinary orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery, neuro surgery, veterinary cancer care, chemo therapy and internal medicine for dogs and cats. We offer free no obligation consultations with our surgeons after referral from your veterinarian. Our friendly staff and compassionate approach will put you and your pet at ease. Our free consultations by appointment are available at three locations.

At Southpaws, we pride ourselves on excellence, compassion, integrity and experience. We do everything in our power to achieve great outcomes for your beloved pets. All patients have onsite monitoring by a vet and a nurse when they are hospitalised, including overnight. Your pet is continually monitored, loved and cared for while staying with us.

We are NOT a primary-access Emergency Centre so our staff focus completely on patient care to give every treatment on-time. We do take referred emergencies - but using on-call staff so that in-patient care is not compromised.

Please explore our website to learn about our dedicated cat ward and our advanced veterinary imaging and diagnostic radiography capabilities such as Australia’s first deep radiation therapy unit for animals and one of the most advanced 16 slice CT scanners. We have two hepa-filtered surgical suites, ultrasound, Xray and Xray fluoroscopy and in cooperation with Royal Canin Australia - on-site 3D printing of surgical models. Southpaws is second-to-none at delivering the best specialist veterinary care