Endoscopy / Arthroscopy / Laparoscopy

Video endoscopy allows veterinarians to look inside your pet’s body without making a surgical incision. Scopes often consist of fibre optic digital camera combined with mechanical surgical tools (cutters, grabbers) encased in a thin tube. At Southpaws, we have a large number of flexible and rigid scopes combined with high definition digital cameras and lights to obtain the best possible information to aid our diagnosis. Our internal medicine department uses these scopes to examine the gastrointestinal, upper respiratory and urinary tract and nasal cavity. If your pet has ingested a foreign body, a scope may be used to extract it, so that it may be possible to avoid open wound surgery.


Our surgeons also use these scopes for examination, diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting joints (shoulder, elbow and knee), the thoracic cavity and the abdominal cavity. These essential keyhole procedures are generally less invasive in comparison to open methods, meaning less discomfort and more rapid recovery for your pet. Joint arthroscopy is the Gold Standard in veterinary surgery for many problems affecting the shoulder, elbow and knee as these issues can be interrelated, and arthroscopy can quickly identify which items need addressing.

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