Project Description

This is the adorable Summer, a 7 month old Golden Retriever whose parents found a chewed up remote missing a AA battery at home. She was taken to emergency where x-rays revealed the battery was still in the stomach. Vomiting was induced but unsuccessful so Summer came to Southpaws for removal of the foreign body. As you can see on the attached Xrays the offending object is very clear. Thankfully Surgical Intern Dr. Jeff Buckland was able to remove the battery via endoscope and exploratory surgery was not needed. An endoscope is a probe with a camera and light mounted on the tip, which can be fitted with various accessories such as a grabber claw. The surgeon guides the probe into the patient’s oesophagus until it reaches the stomach. Using the camera and light as a guide, in this case the battery was successfully removed. Summer was a super good girl in hospital and went home happily with mum and dad. Southpaws hospital includes many advanced imaging capabilities including CT, Ultrasound, digital Xrays and fluoroscopy (moving picture Xrays during surgery).