Project Description

Ralph is a beautiful 1 year old French Bulldog who came to see Southpaws for medial patella luxation. Patella luxation (dislocation) is a condition where the knee cap rides outside the femoral groove when the knee is flexed. It can be further characterised as medial or lateral, depending on whether the kneecap rides on the inner or on the outer aspect of the stifle (knee) respectively. A tibial crest transposition (TCT) was performed to realign Ralph’s patella and it’s insertion site, to prevent the patella from continuing to luxate. Ralph recovered well after an overnight stay in hospital and is now living happily with his family. Southpaws specialist surgeons have years of experience in orthopaedic surgery including elective and trauma related surgeries. Other canine knee related issues include cruciate disease and Southpaws surgeons can perform TPLO, TTA, CBLO and extracapsular techniques for this condition.